What Is Structured Literacy?

In today’s post, I introduce you to the concept of Structured Literacy (SL). As explained by Louise Spear-Swerling (2022), SL is a comprehensive approach to reading interventions that caters to…

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What Is Frayer Model?

In today’s post, I am covering a very important strategy in teaching vocabulary—the Frayer Model. This graphic organizer has transformed the way educators introduce and explore new words across various…

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What Is Turn and Talk Strategy?

Today’s post is all about “Turn and Talk,” an engaging and interactive instructional strategy used in classrooms. If you haven’t heard about it or are looking for ways to implement…

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What is The Think Pair Share Strategy?

In today’s post, I discuss a key teaching and learning strategy known as Think-Pair-Share (TPS). More specifically, I will cover what recent research says about the effectiveness and use of…

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